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We build and develop websites from scratch and according to your specifications and goals as an individual or business. Our websites are complete turnkey web solutions with little to no customer involvement until the day of testing, training and launch.

Our team is very skilled and fast in web development to get your website up and running as soon as possible. Depending on your specifications and hardware, a site can take anywhere from 3 to 90 days.

Buy the package that best suits your needs and your process starts the next moment you've assigned a developer to take on your project. If you're not sure which package is best for you, contact us to learn more about what each package offers and entails.

Yes, all of our packages take care of redesigning and upgrading existing websites without taking your site down for maintenance. We develop the website on the back end and release it as soon as it's ready.

Based on our experience, the hosting plan is one of the most important aspects of running a fast and cost-effective website. We have been working with HOSTINGER for 6 years HOSTINGER regarding the purchase of your website name (domain) or the hosting of your website on the Internet.

HOSTINGER provides the most competitive rates, fast hosting, extremely user-friendly platform and excellent customer service.

Website Pricing offers instant online solutions to get your business online as soon as possible and generate leads. Our website packages do not include the cost of the domain name and hosting plan required to develop a website. If you don't have a domain name and/or hosting provider, we can help you with where to buy domains and which hosting provider is best for your needs and location. If you are looking for something that is not in the offer below, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can design something tailored to your needs.

Single-Page Website

Individuals & Professionals
169 99
/ Website
One page website design for people online to find you and your professional services or create a special page for yourself as a modern resume or CV.
Single-Page Website
Unique and custom design
Google Analytics ready
Optimized page speed
Basic SEO

Multi-Page Website

Businesses & Brands
599 99
/ Website
Advanced multi-page website ideal for start-ups and small companies looking to develop their online presence. This package includes everything you need to make your online lead generation business thrive.
10 - Page Website
Advanced Branding & Design
Google & Soc M. Analytics
Optimized page speed
SEO Optimized

Premium Website

Dedicated Web Businesses
1999 99
/ Website
Multipurpose website for dedicated e-businesses or established companies looking for a high-tech website to showcase their services, history and progress.
30 - Page Website
Corporate Branding & Design
Google & Soc M. Analytics
Multifunctional plugins
SEO & Speed ​​Optimized

Proven social media development

Social Media Management

We understand that social media can be time consuming and frustrating to gain followers and likes. The main solution to this problem is through increasing traffic to your page or post in order to increase your brand awareness and account image to reach brand ambassador or influencer levels.

Our team works around the clock to ensure that we complete the selected package as quickly as possible. Results are usually completed within 1-4 weeks depending on the package selected.

We suggest you try the micro-influencer package which provides all the basic features to start your career as a brand or influencer. Macro-Influencer is a package for existing influencers or brands looking for additional marketing promotion and growth.

We cannot guarantee that the quality of your content will attract the following that is created in the long run. We drive traffic based on a target audience defined based on your content and preferences. The most we can do is bring them to your page, but we can't guarantee they'll stay forever, so we advise you to keep posting relevant content on your site.

We deliver traffic to your page based on Instagram algorithms that place your post on various active blogs and web feeds. Based on the amount of traffic generated statistically, people are very likely to follow or like your posts.

Social Media Management Pricing

Social media is a science and art in itself and should be treated as such when it comes to offering professional services. We offer packages that provide a complete solution regarding the image and development of your social media accounts. We ensure that all our customers get exactly or more than what our packages offer to keep customer satisfaction high.

Nano - Influencer

Starter Package
199 99
/ Package
New to Social Media? A new influencer or a start-up business? This is the perfect package to get an audience quickly and safely.
10k Instagram Followers
5k Instagram Likes
Increase Account Traffic


Pro Package
379 99
/ Package
Are you stuck at a certain level of followers or want to maximize the reach of your marketing strategy? This package will drastically increase your traffic, followers and likes to give the account the specifications of a Micro-Influencer.
50k Instagram Followers
15k Instagram Likes
Increase Account Traffic
Increase Account Engagement


Premium Package
599 99
/ Package
Has your primary account been deleted or compromised? Are you ready to take social media to a professional level? This package is perfect for hitting the big leagues and joining the macro-influencers.
100K Instagram Followers
30k Instagram Likes
Increase Account Traffic
Increase Account Engagement
Active Account Management

Unique Digital Presence.

Digital Marketing

We build and develop websites from scratch and according to your specifications and goals as an individual or business. Our websites are complete turnkey web solutions with little to no customer involvement until the day of testing, training and launch.

Digital Marketing is any form of marketing materials, which is strategically designed to be viewed on a digital display (TV, Phone, PC, etc) and not on paper or physical form.

Digital marketing can help grow your business by further branding your target market and audience. In today's digital world, most people are activated or made aware of new businesses or services through the web and most digital sources. Therefore, it is very important to be present in the digital world and also ensure that your presence matches the image that your business is trying to present to the world.

Digital Marketing services which make immediate impacts are, Corporate Brochures, Newsletters, Banners & Ads, Social Media Marketing, and Video Content Creation & Marketing. 

We offer personalized and customized solution for all corporate and individual needs. Do not hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] and we will contact you with an immediate proposal.

The time it takes to complete each of the digital marketing packages offered depends primarily on the content the client needs to understand the project and begin planning. In addition to the hardware and content that the customer needs, the approximate time for each package is:

Start-up : 3 - 7 Days 

Corporate: 7 - 21 Days

Enterprise : 21 - 50 Days

Digital Marketing Pricing

Discover the power of digital marketing with dedicated and experienced professionals behind you.


Starter Package
59 99
/ Package
Every successful start-up business needs a professional business plan and pitch deck to raise capital. We have created a custom template that best represents your business image and provides the necessary content to meet any investor or customer needs.
1 x Business Plan Template
1 x Pitch Deck Template


Pro Package
199 99
/ Package
Further build your business name and brand worldwide. This package provides all the essential marketing materials needed to meet all of your corporate marketing needs for your next campaign.
1 x Business Plan Template
1 x Pitch Deck Template
1 x Corporate Note Pad Template
1 x Corporate Brochure Template
5 x Corporate Promotional Content


Premium Package
499 99
/ Package
This Package is aimed at established companies and institutions that want to make a statement when logging in to their website. You will get a truly unique and customized website to impress your customers and users.
All Features of Pro Package +
2 x Corporate Notebook Templates
2 x Corporate Brochure Templates
3 x Interactive Newsletter Templates
10 x Corporate promotional content

Do you have a project not covered by one of our packages?

Contact us to create for you a customized proposal for your digital and online needs.

We are more than a digital agency

We go the extra mile with each client and offer personalized services and solutions that best suit their needs and goals. Our services are designed to produce immediate results in terms of total views, engagement, leads and traffic generation.

  • Extensive Project Planning

    In-depth analysis of each project and start of development preparation of a bespoke marketing campaign or online solutions.

  • Professional Execution

    We ensure that our projects are completed on time and in the most professional manner to ensure that we meet the needs of every individual or business.

  • Analyzes and improvement

    Based on advanced UI/UX analytics, we refine and revise marketing campaigns and content to drive more effective engagement and results.

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